Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Trials and Tribulations of Overpacking.

Im packing for London. I'm going for a week to see friends and things.  It's really difficult! (the packing) I have a habit of packing completely useless things (such as a 500 page pad of blank paper "just in case" I feel like writing something) aswell as about 5 books of which I'll probably read a few chapters of one. And my case thingy is getting heavier and heavier which is BAD because I have lots of travelling to do! And I know just what it's like to have a too heavy case.  I went youth hostelling with Mia this summer and we majorly over packed, so much so, infact, that on the way to our hostel my bag split :O! We were walking along when we heard this huge BANG from behind us. On spinning round I stood looking at the entire contents of my rucksack splayed over the pretty cobbled streets of Dinan. And when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. Various items of sexy underwear being a highlight.  The whole episode actually happened at a very conveniant moment as we had been toting our HUGE rucksacks all over the town (searching in vain for the most impossibly difficult hostel to locate in france) and were proper stressed out and irritable. After staring in abject shock for a couple of seconds I sank to the floor in hysterics unable to do anything other than cry with laughter and Mia soon joined me though she did make a good attempt at gathering my belongings, it must be said.  It was a very busy street, may I add, with beacoup de tourists and locals walking by shouting at us in french: none of which we understood of course. So this made the whole thing funnier. You know those times in life where you just CANNOT stop laughing? it was one of those times. Even thinking back on it is making me giggle. And it happened again on the way back to England! I kid you not. And on the top of a boat! We heard the same BANG and before i turned I knew what had happened and of course the laughter started again. Though this time we had to launch ourselves at my belongings as we were on deck and it was seriously windy. Suffice to say i KNOW the dangers of overpacking and yet I can't seem to stop :S. Here is a picture of Mia not being able to breathe when my naughty rucksack broke the first time: 

Moral of the story: remove at least 2 pairs of shoes from my bag AND ensure my underwear is in the side pockets and so unlikely to be seen by anybody except those specially selected...