Friday, 23 October 2009

David made my day.

I'm listening to: Kid British-Our House

Drinking: Tea

Ok so me and two of my "very best bestest" friends have a friday afternoon ritual of going to Costa. Kind of a celebration that the week's over and a major catch up session because we don't see each other as often as we'd like to these days, what with all doing different classes at college and things. Today, being friday, was one of those very afternoons! Some quite exciting stuff happened today though which I deem blog worthy ;)

So in we go and, as always, start panicking as to what we're going to order, then preparing ourselves to say embarrassing words like 'frescato' and 'macchiato' which only sound good if you're American when Mia (aforementioned bffl hah) starts hissing at me. She starts tugging my arm and hisses excitedly "That guy's over there, you know DAvid... DAvid...Blaine, yeah Blaine" Quite obviously at this point I almost have a heart attack imagining that I'm soon going to meet Blaine and he'll levitate me or some such thing. Mia proceeds to point to where he supposedly is sat and what I see instead is a couple sat by the window. An oldish looking guy and a very tall, thin lady next to him who looks as though she was once a total beauty. And then I realise who it is. NOt David Blaine but an altogther much more interesting David. The couple are infact...David Bailey, yes you read right BAILEY the legendary photographer and one of my all time heroes and his wife the lovely ex-model Catherine Dyer. Now if you've never heard of Bailey I suggest, no I insist, you get yourself onto Wikipedia immediately and read up on him. He's a genius. He was in London in the swinging 60's photographing the likes of Marianne Faithful, The Stone's, Jean Shrimptom... the list goes on. His work is incredible. He lives in the same area as me so it wasn't, you know, a huge shock to see him, but I was excited none the less. I laughed alot on realising Mia's mistaken identity though.

Naturally, as soon as I'd collected and paid for my tea (at the last minute i couldn't bring my self to say any long scary sounding luxury coffee names) and the girls had their various comestables, we chose a table directly next to David and his wife. They left about 5 minutes later and, I'm horribly embarrassed to admit, for a minute I was highly tempted to steal David's straw :O just as a relic of a legend you know?!!!!!! After all he is an all time hero of mine!!!!!!!!!!! But the temptation only lasted about a minute... and a half. Maybe two minutes. But I never took it as I thought that maybe that was going just a little bit too far. What was I going to do with it afterall?! Mount it on my bedroom wall or something?! no.... OF COURSE NOT... >:)

Here's David himself:

and heres one of my favourite shots of his (Jane Birkin!):