Friday, 23 October 2009

Dr Martens♥

Every girl should own at least ONE pair of Dm's. This is a fact of life! Like death and taxes.

So recently I visited the original Dr Martens shop in Camden. I was in my very own version of heaven though the guy who worked in the shop was terrifying. Before we'd even had time to take in the floor to ceiling displays he barked at us, and I quote, "think you know a shop with more styles of Dm's in it? You tell me where? Bring it on. It's BULLSHIT this is the largest stockist in the world!!!!!! " I almost ran straight back out but don't let him deter you if you ever happen upon the place, after reassuring him his shop was, "the best Dm shop i've ever been to" (I didn't mention that it was the only one I'd ever been to...) he was pleasant enough >:) So yes... as I was saying:

Out there somewhere is a COLOUR and a STYLE to suit you. I swear this!

Reasons to own a pair:

1. Empowerment! When I wear my dm's I feel hard. ahaah They make me want to kick things.

2. They look fucking amazing.

and if this wasn't enough....

3. Daisy Lowe is the face of DM's!!!!!!!!!! Look see>>


I always wear mine with a floral, pretty dress. A tea dress perhaps or a cute vintage number. Always something a bit floaty and femenine anyway. And one must ALWAYS wear one's leather jacket. I'll get some pics up of my Dm outfits soon I promise.