Saturday, 7 November 2009

Miss Sixty

Whenever I'm asked the question, "If you had the choice which era would you choose to be born in?" (and I get asked that surprisingly alot...!) I always say, "the 40's so i could have been a teenager in the 60's" Everything about that decade appeals to me. The music, the fashion, the people, the art, l'attitude!  My look and style today really borrows influence from the fashion savvy people of that time. Here's a few of my favourites ;)

Penelope Tree

 "an Egyptian Jiminy Cricket"-David Bailey

 She was captivating and her appeal came from her bizarre features and gamine physique. She was odd and irresistable to the likes of legendary photographer David Bailey who described her very aptly above. I adore Penelope's poker straight hair and waif like figure. To me she seems alien, not human born, elven perhaps. 

Jean Shrimpton

The ultimate sex kitten. She's extremely pretty and her little shapely figure exudes sensuality don't you think?


Jimi Hendrix

A beautiful soul. A beautiful human being.  And the man had style. Nobody pulls off the Military Jacket quite like Jimi. And his bling, oh my. Not to mention his exquisite choice of hat. 

Jane Birkin

Naturally adorable with a streak of naughtiness. She was always getting her kit off. So rock n roll and just effortlessly glamourous. Also check out the over the knee socks she's sporting below, I must get my hands on a pair.

That's all I've got time for but I will add to this soon! Gosh theres just so many beautiful people.