Wednesday, 11 November 2009

It's Such A Perfect Day..

You wake in your own bedroom, in your own bed, with that beautiful dimmed light you get in the mornings. Let's say that you have a completely free day: no school/college/uni work, no people to see, nothing to deal with. And you get that warm half asleep feeling of knowing you can lie in.

You wake up naturally and instantly know it's time to get out of bed. We're going to France, to un petit cafe, now for breakfast.

You spend the next few hours,  (back in Blighty) in your pyjamas, with an unputdownable book in a big, old country house, by a roaring fire of course ;)

Lunch on the beach in Spain. Paella, lots of vino and good company.

We're going to New York in the afternoon for shopping and coffee with your best friend.

Back to your house for a lovely, long, hot bath with that book again and a glass of wine.

There is nothing more fun than getting ready for a night out with your girls.

Dinner in Paris with, hmm lets say Gaspard Ulliel, and then on to watch a Bloody Social gig back in NYC.

And of course then Jamie Burke (above right) takes you to an all night jamming session at Milk Studios.
And thus ends the most perfect day in the history of days.
Thank you and goodnight.